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🕊 Ivia Retrò • Miami Artists 2018


Currently based out of Miami, Florida, Olivia Capierseho runs a successful online vintage shop full of amazing designer gems from the past.

Her shop, Ivia Retrò, is home to a wide variety of secondhand vintage clothing, from turtlenecks to delicate dresses to lingerie.



Vanessa Duncan: When did you first start selling clothes online? Olivia Capierseho: I’ve been selling my own clothing on apps like Vinted, Poshmark, and Depop since I graduated high school. I started putting up vintage clothing that I previously bought for myself and realized that I could sell things for more than I bought them for. It didn’t become a large-scale operation until AA went out of business and I was unemployed that Ivia Retrò was born.


VD: When did you first realize you were interested in vintage clothing? OC: When I was 15, I remember I really wanted high waisted shorts. The reason, I don’t remember (lol). In Sarasota, the only stores at the mall were Forever 21 and Hollister and the high waist trend hadn’t begun yet. So, I started going to thrift stores and buying and cutting vintage high waist shorts. Since then, I started thrifting like every weekend buying windbreakers, belts, and more high waisted shorts.


VD: What would be your dream vintage find to come across in a thrift or antique store? OC: I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of vintage black calf-high pointy-toe skinny-heel boots.


VD: Who are your favorite designers, past or present? OC: I love 80’s Donna Karen’s especially this ad.

The first to come to mind presently are Jacquemus, Miu Miu, and Amelie Pichard.



VD: What would your dream retail space look like & where would you ideally have it? OC: It would look a lot like my studio—pink and white Art Deco with lots of plants. And somewhere by a beach.


VD: If you could style any celebrity, past or present) who would it be? OC: Samantha from Sex and the City.


VD: What plans or dreams do you have for Ivia in the future? OC: I would love to expand Ivia into a larger women-run operation creating and selling original pieces (ethically of course), in addition to vintage. Ideally, I just want to translate the dream world I’ve created in my head into photos and short films, which I feel would be possible with a bigger team. 


Olivia's true dream vacation inspiration via @ameliepichard



To shop and browse vintage styles from Ivia Retrò, be sure to check out the links below:


All images (with the exception of the Amelie Pichard post) are taken by me on 35mm film.


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