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Anthony - Feral & Folk - Miami Artists 2018


Anthony Patrick runs a Miami-based lifestyle company that encompasses motorcycles, art, vintage clothing, & skateboarding. After traveling all over this country on a motorcycle, he has a few tricks up his sleeve for his company

Feral & Folk.


Vanessa Duncan: Firstly, just to clear things, up- the "x" in @FeralxFolk is supposed to be pronounced how?

Anthony Patrick: It's supposed to be pronounced as "and", as in a collaboration between the wild and the history of people.


VD: When did you start working on Feral & Folk?

AP: The idea started in 2016 after I had helped a friend pick up a motorcycle and I was following him back home. The bike broke down as we were riding, this is a true story. Realizing that the mechanic took all the gas out of his bike, we pushed it to a gas station, got gas, went to Dunkin' Donuts, and sat outside as the sun set. We talked about what we needed to do with our lives. Originally, Feral was supposed to be a denim and textile company.


VD: You've said that Feral & Folk is a lifestyle company. What does that mean to you?

AP: It's a way for me to contribute to the cultures I grew up with and hold close to my heart. Skateboarding, music, bicycles, motorcycles, and the fashion that encompasses those.


VD: What types of projects can we look forward to seeing on your page?

AP: At the moment I'm looking to open up a shop, put out more custom motorcycles, and release a travel documentary.


VD: Describe your dream retail space & where would you want it?

AP: Something that I've always thought about when it comes to opening a space is honestly the parking. I'd like the space to have free parking and lots of it. there are too many of the cool stores that are located in downtown areas and its hard to get to them. I don't want that. And I'd like it to be a little bit far away from the city so that it's a bit of a journey to get to the location.

My dream space would definitely be of a brutalist aesthetic. Heavy industrial-type materials and floors that look good with oil stains on them.

I would have said minimalist and simple, because that's something I've always done, but it's become so kitsch that I just want things to be straightforward.


VD: Where do you see your company in five years?

AP: I just see it growing organically. It'll sort of do what it wants, I guess.


Follow Feral&Folk on IG at : @feralxfolk

or check out their website:



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