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🌺 Kiona Kiki - Miami Artists 2018


Name & Occupation:

Kiona, I’m a part time stylist at free people and full time juicer at a vegan kitchen

VD: Where are you from/ where did you grow up? KB: I’m originally from Argentina, my parents met in Miami where they had my siblings and later moved to my dads home town where I was born. My mum is British so at the age of 10 we moved to the UK where I spent my adolescence.



VD: What brings you to Miami? KB: The obvious, the weather, the independence I have here, I moved over last year when I was 18, all my friends were going to university and I didn’t feel ready to commit myself to another 4 years of school so I thought fuck it. I hate the UK anyways.



VD: What is your dream career? KB: Is photographer too obvious? I’d like to have my own magazine one day, that’s like the dream DREAM. But I’m not sure, I still feel like a kid, and the “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Is still floating around unanswered.


VD: What would be your ideal photo shoot? (Location, models, clothing) KB: Ah damn I have no idea, that’s too wild for my imagination, if money wasn’t an issue I would get too crazy with it.


VD: Where would you like to travel to next? KB: Since moving to the US I haven’t been to any other state so I guess I should explore this territory before I take another flight to Europe.


VD: What challenges do you face being a newer photographer in Miami? KB: Everyone’s so on their game here, I guess just finding the time to do it. And to prioritize my art over my leisure times.



VD: What would you ideally like to improve upon in your photography? KB: I want to have more fun with it, be more experimental, step outside my boundaries. I like working with other artists to bounce ideas off each other, just overall try new things.



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#interview #art #photography #film #beach #fashion

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