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🌹 DIY: Valentine’s Day Edition- Mini Cupid Wings  ✨


Happy Valentine's Day!

Want to make little wings for your little one?

Here's how to make your pet heavenly using a few household items...

& a feather boa!



Here's what you'll need:

  • pair of scissors

  • a piece of cardboard (measuring roughly 12"x12" depending on the desired size)

  • hot glue gun

  • white feathers or a white feather boa

  • ribbon or string


​​Step One:

  • carefully plan your wing shape!

  • Remember to leave a small piece of cardboard to use as a connector between the two wings later one

  • this is where you can get creative! Google different wing shapes and sketch out the design onto the cardboard

  • (or if you're like me, you can just "wing" it hehehe)

  • Cut out one wing and place it on top of the other piece of cardboard to make sure that you get them roughly the same size when cutting


​​Step Two:

  • plug in your glue gun and have it start heating up

  • either use a bag of white feathers or your feather boa and prep the feathers so that they're easy to grab and glue once the gun is hot

  • if you're using a boa, it's easier to pluck a bunch of feathers and lay them out

  • pick out a cute ribbon or string that will later be used as a harness to attach the wings and hold them in place on your bebe!



Step Three:

  • time to glue!

  • This part is the trickiest because the feathers REALLY want to attach themselves to the hot glue gun

  • take a chopstick or knife or something long and pointy to hold the feather to the cardboard

  • don't use your finger because it's too hot and dangerous!

  • prep the middle piece to hold the wings together and glue it to the edge of each wing

Step Four:

  • once you have the wings attached keep on gluing those feathers on!

  • Try to add several layers of feathers on top of one another so that the cardboard doesn't show through

Step Five:

  • almost done!

  • generously apply the hot glue to each wing and attach two separate pieces of ribbon

  • these ribbons will tie around your bebe's tummy to hold the wings into place

  • if you want extra security, glue on an additional set of ribbons to secure the wing

Ta Da!

Bustie is an angel!

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