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⋆ Collections Pt I ⋆

As many of you know, I have an affinity for both thrift shopping & collecting. This can obviously be a dangerous combination (just watch an episode of hoarders to understand why), but I’ve learned to only keep the best of the best & I decided to share some of my favorite items and collections! 

     🦂 Vintage Tan Purse Collection 🦂

🦂 Amazing sturdy leather purse ( with bizarre vertical zipper) by St. John’s Bay ⋆

🥥 Little mini coconut purse - for sale on my Depop page! ⋆

🦂 Carpet bagger - amazing fuzzy carpet purse with Velcro closure - one of my all time favorites ⋆

🏺 Velvet renaissance beaded purse - this one was initially really tacky with big chunky straps! It was also pretty poorly made so the metal details are falling apart. BUT just look at those velvetine Baroque details! It’s still a dream! ⋆

🥥 The Coco Gourd bag- this one is part leather, part coconut?! I have to say, I have gotten the most comments and compliments on this bag. The bottom is a hollow coconut shell with braided leather detailing. Any time I run into something with this purse it make a loud knock sound! Super sturdy & very 70’s ⋆

🦂 The Boho Woven purse - an easy go-to when I’m toting anything heavy (which is always because I take my hoard with me everywhere I go). This one is classic & matches everything, especially at the beach! 

  🦂 Vintage Ornate Frame Collection 🦂

⭐️ Fiorucci Cross-stitch of my dreams ~

In an ancient frame, too! I found this a few months back and grabbed it off the shelf like I was Gollum taking back my ring lmao. Adorable couple of angels ⋆

⭐️ Golden Sun Mirror - this thing weighs a little too much and I was worried it was going to come crashing to the floor while I took these pictures. Luckily for all parties involved it’s still intact & beautiful! ⋆

⭐️ My favorite of the collection- the tiniest ornate golden framed mirror. I am in love with the shape of this one. I’m hoping this one will stick with me to any future apartments as well ⋆

⭐️ The chunkiest frame in the world~ this piece is 80% frame & 20% painting and I love it. I don’t know whose idea this was but it’s the perfect amount of strange. This is also deceiving lightweight!  ⋆

⭐️ World’s tiniest frame accompanied by world’s tiniest print. This one is about 5” by 3.5” with a little silk scene featuring little sheep - so cute & delicate ⋆

⭐️ Golden ornate frame with a little shelf built in! I think this is my second favorite! It’s so delicate & sweet ⋆

⭐️ Golden Circle Mini Mirror - this one is just such a classic- I knew I needed to add it to the collection ⋆

🦂 thank you for reading & looking through this post! Let me know which ones are your favorites & what you want to see more of in the future! ❤️

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